Doug Motley, One of JLAM’s Managing Principals, Featured on the 302 Podcast

JLAM Blog post Doug Motley V

REHOBOTH BEACH — Doug Motley, one of JLAM‘s managing principals, was recently interviewed on the 302 Podcast. He spoke about how JLAM was formed, our organizational philosophy, and what we have in the pipeline. The 302 Podcast features Dr. Frank Chi and Dr. Megan Epps discussing local issues with favorite 302 business owners and influencers.

Throughout the interview, Motley spoke about how we create and invest in places people want to be.

“From a high-level perspective, we look at the physical piece of land [before investing and developing]. Are there any natural features we can incorporate or accentuate in our development? It can be a pond, woods, rolling hills, etc. things like that that really differentiate the land and how we can incorporate that into the design. There are other things too, like what school district the development will be in, what’s the visibility, can you get good access where it’s not a pain to turn left to get out of the community … There are different things that are relevant, but it’s all the day-to-day things you go through that you may not be cognizant of, but we are cognizant of these details.”

Click here to listen to the podcast.